Untangle Magic Hairbrush

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Beautaholics 'Untangle' Magic Hairbrush!

We know how painful detangling your hair can be. Now it doesn't have to be, with our 'Untangle' Magic Hairbrush. The innovative design enables the mixture of bristles to gently glide through tangled hair without the discomfort of a traditional hairbrush. You will experience a lot less hair breakage while using this brush too.

The large flexible brush head covers a larger surface area and is designed to mirror the contours of your head. So it not only glides effortlessly through your hair, but will massage and stimulate your scalp at the same time.  The non-slip handle ensures optimal comfort, brushing your hair has never been such a pleasure!

The Untangle Magic Hairbrush is suitable for all hair types. The genuine Untangle is only available from the Beautaholics website.

Your brush will come with it's own dustbag which will keep your brush clean and also stop any hair etc from getting into your bag or drawer when you're not using your brush!

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