About Us

Beautaholics started as a family business at the start of 2020, based in Tyne & Wear, England, UK. We searched until we found just what we wanted to launch the Beautaholics brand. From there we have grown and gone from strength to strength, priding ourselves on the quality and pricing of our products and our customer service, which we feel is second to none! When our customers are happy we're happy!

At beautaholics.com we showcase our finest creations. We keep our pricing as affordable as possible while ensuring you receive premium quality goods. We send everything out from within the UK so you won't have to wait long to have our beloved products in your hands.

You'll notice some of our competitors using influencers and creating costly adverts, so this will be reflected in their product prices. You don't see this from Beautaholics. We let our products and our pricing speak for themselves.

We only sell products that we use and love ourselves, and all of our videos show us or our customers using the products, so they are all very real. Check some of them out here.

We are constantly researching new products and are always working on something new. Keep checking back to find out what we've added to our collection!

We hope you'll love our products as much as we do!

The Beautaholics brand and our products are trademarked. If you want to be sure you get the best quality/price combination just shop with us at Beautaholics! Beware of both cheap and overpriced imitations!

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12 Month Warranty On all appliances
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