All You Need To Know About Dermaplaning

Many people make the mistake of thinking that using a regular shaver will give the same results as a specialist dermaplaning tool. A typical razor has three to four slanted flat blades purely for removing unwanted hair while a dermaplaning tool will have a single edge shaped blade to get closer to the skin for optimal exfoliation, which is the whole purpose of the dermaplaning process.

During dermaplaning, the top layer of dead skin cells are removed. This enables your skincare products to be absorbed much more easily resulting in greater benefits from the product rather than then hitting the barrier of dead skin and peach fuzz. The dermaplaning process actually tricks the skin into thinking that it has been wounded, which boosts the production of collagen, helping to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Because we are removing the dead skin cells, oil and debris are stopped from being trapped inside the follicle. This is great for acne sufferers who should benefit from far less breakouts.

After dermaplaning, you’ll find makeup application a lot easier, and the finish should be flawless. All of the dead skin and peach fuzz that affected the finish have been removed. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

A couple of things we need to point out:

  • If you have an active acne breakout, please wait until any active pustules have calmed down as you don’t want to aggravate it further. Dermaplaning is great for preparing the skin to avoid as many breakouts, but carrying out the treatment during a breakout isn’t recommended as broken skin can become infected.
  • Avoid using products containing retinol, benzoyl peroxide or acids for 3-4 days after dermaplaning as they may irritate the skin.
  • Remember that your skin will be more prone to sunburn after dermaplaning so don’t forget your sunscreen.

Lastly, let’s touch on regrowth of peach fuzz. So many people still think that removing peach fuzz in a process similar to shaving will result in you growing a beard! Even if you shave with a regular razor, this is impossible! The peach fuzz on a woman’s face is vellus hair which is soft and fine. The hair on a mans face is terminal hair with each strand being very wiry and very different. Dermaplaning, does not (and cannot) impact the growth, colour or texture of your facial hair. Only hormones can do this. So you can stop worrying! You’re totally safe, your skin will only become more beautiful!

So, are you ready to treat your skin? Most good beauty salons will offer this popular treatment, but it can be pricey, and once you’ve experienced the results you’ll be hooked. So Beautaholics have created a fab little home kit for you. They’re so easy to use and you’ll just love the results at a fraction of the price. Check them out here!

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