Blue Light Therapy Pen

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Blue Light Therapy Pen

Blue light therapy is a type of phototherapy that is used to treat mild to moderate acne outbreaks. Phototherapy is remarkably effective for treating acne lesions, especially acne that is caused by inflammation or bacteria. While there is no cure for acne, phototherapy is backed up by significant research as an effective acne management tool.

The wavelength of blue light has an antimicrobial effect, making it effective at killing several types of bacteria that can collect in your pores and oil glands and cause breakouts.

Blue light therapy also helps condition your skin, getting rid of free radicals that oxidise and age your face. The treatment also has anti-inflammatory benefits, which decreases other symptoms of acne, such as redness.

Visible light devices that kill bacteria on the skin have been used by dermatologists as an effective acne treatment for the past 20 years and now you can safely carry out the treatment yourself at home with our Blue Light Therapy Pen.

  • Get rid of acne, scars, freckles and other unwanted spots!
  • The smart blue light therapy penetrates deep into pores, heals blemishes and prevents future breakouts! 
  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of thread and spider veins!
  • Use for 5 to 10 minutes a day to achieve clear flawless looking skin!
  • Achieve healthy radiant looking skin without the need to use harmful chemicals!
  • Can safely be used on any area of the body!