Charging Your Cordless Curler

So you've received your cordless curler and are itching to get started creating curls! To get the best out of your curler make sure you follow our advice on charging.

To optimise the capacity of your battery you must use a plug with the correct charging output of 5V 2A. Using a plug with the incorrect specification may still charge your curler but could have several negative effects such as: not fully charging, taking a long time to charge, or in some instances damaging the battery or stopping your curler working all together. Making sure that you check the specification of your plug before charging will ensure you get the best from your Beautaholics Cordless Curler.

A full charge will usually take around 3 and a half to 4 hours. Make sure you allow your curler to fully cool down before attempting to recharge.

As the device is designed to be cordless, you must remove the charging cable from your curler before attempting to use. It will not switch on until you do this.

If you are planning on storing your curler and not using it for long periods we recommend giving it a full charge at least once every three months to keep the battery in top condition.

Warning: Do not use a 1A charging output plug to charge this device.

Beautaholics are not responsible for damage caused to your curler due to incorrect charging.

With effect from 1st October 2021 all curlers purchased from Beautaholics will come with their own charging plug included.

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